Welcome to the Cermele site

Unfortunately this site is always under construction.;-)


I’m Michele Cermele, one of the manymembers of the Cermele family spread all around the globe.

Cermele is an Italian name but currently there are more Cermele in the USA than in Europe.
We are present in more than 10 US states, with a peak presence in New Jersey.
In Italy we are located in Molise in Campobasso, Sant’Elia a Pianisi, Colletorto (where our name might come from),
Rome, Marche and Piemonte (Biella).

Google reports 18.500 web pages with our name.

So far I got in contact with Bill, Micha, the singer Charles, Joe from NJ,
but we are many more, there are Professor Jill, Jonathan in Wisconsin, Cheryl,
Joseph, Antony and few Italian survivors like Antonella in addition to my father Franco.

Anyone willing to develop this site or encourage contacts among Cermeles please write me (Michele Cermele) at
cermele@yahoo.com ††this site is open to contributors but is not for sale!

This space is available for links to web pages of others Cermeles:


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